Tuesday, August 31, 2010


After so many incarnations... Eva Las Vegas, It's All Fun & Games, Double Secret Probation, The Secret Life of Mothers, Reviews etc... why another blog and why now?

Because I am not a fan of therapy yet I have that which needs to be vented and poked and over-thought and analyzed to death and I like to drop the occasional overused f-bomb and don't need to hear from my cousin's second wife about my "dirty" mouth... the more my real life intruded into my blogging life the less I felt I could say.

Not that every post will be a whine about family or friends or anything of substance, it's just that I felt so hemmed in... so scrutinized... I couldn't post about the smallest of frictions without accepting that once I hit, "Publish" they were about to become Frictions with a capial, "F"... I kept bringing the damn mountain to Mohammed.

As I've said in the past... on one of those other blogs, my posts are sometimes a more and sometimes less honest depiction of myself.  Sometimes I am funnier, taller and all around more charming and sometimes I am a troll... it's more on how I view myself through what?  My third eye?  My internal censor?  The keyboard?

Who knows, maybe someday, like next week or next month or next never, I'll let some real life people cruise back in and snoop around so they can then call and ask just what the hell I am blabbering about...maybe.

All I know is the minute I set this up, I felt like blogging again.